About Us

The Key Concierge is headed up by two school friends, who also went on to live together at University. Roland Sage and Chris Burls did their time in the city of London, where they learned the value of not only money, but time!

Bringing this understanding of how precious time is, The Key Concierge is based and constantly moulded around this concept. Time is a commodity that many of you out there don’t have enough of, and our mission is to give it back to you!

At various stages of our lives, we have lived abroad, and have learned to appreciate the difficulty of managing a property from afar. We have therefore become a presence in the UK for many of our clients.

TKC keep a blog of our journey, where you can keep up to date on some of the interesting days that are abnormal to the everyday work life. Walking a dog and selling a Lear jet in the same day is definitely one of the favourites!