26 / Apr / 16

Boiler Time!

We have found increasingly we are having to replace boilers around London as annual servicing is not being carried out and ending up in a costly mistake!

Don’t forget to service those boilers!

18 / Feb / 16

Locked Out !

Is it the worst time of the year to have a lock out?

We have had to rescue a few cold people stuck on their doorsteps recently! Don’t forget to check you have your keys with you before you leave home, but if you do lock yourself out don’t fear we are never far away with a spare set to let you back into the warmth!


Key Visit

29 / Jan / 16

When to buy in London?

When to is a good time to buy in London? A talked about topic for years, what will house prices do? Recent times show they are clearly on the rise and according to the CBRE Regional Development Land Report between 2015 and 2019 they are only set to continue this trend, by as much as 31%!!


Let us look after your rental property!

Here at TKC we offer a Property Management Service for Landlords who wish to rent our their property at very competitive rates. Come and speak to us remember to keep up to date with all our news via our TKC Facebook page and TKC Twitter for all the latest offers and promotions. We are here to help!!


Male hand writing phrase Help please on virtual whiteboard.

8 / Jan / 16

TKC Sale

We are offering £5 a month membership fees for residents in South West London! Take advantage of all our services and take away some stress!

January Sale 2016

1 / Jan / 16

Happy New Year!

2016 is upon us already! Stayed tuned for some exciting offers from TKC in January.

26 / Oct / 15

The New Website is here!

Welcome to the new TKC Website, we will be keeping you up to date with all the latest exciting offers and day to day life at The Key Concierge. We have a new membership offer coming very soon, so stay tuned to our blog, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter@thekeyconcierge.